Reciprocal Clubs

Membership in the Montauk Club also opens the door to Reciprocal Memberships at Clubs around the world in the United States, Canada and abroad.  Club members wishing to avail themselves of these agreements need to obtain a letter of introduction to present to the reciprocal club for each visit. Letters may be arranged by contacting the Club thru this link.  Montauk Club members are advised to review the Reciprocal club’s website prior to their visit, as dress code and house rules may vary.  You can click on the club name below to go to the reciprocal club’s website.


The Club Inc (Birmingham, AL)
The University Club of Phoenix (Phoenix, AZ)
Petroleum Club at Sundale (Bakersfield, CA)
The Ingomar Club (Eureka, CA)
The University Club of San Francisco (San Francisco, CA)
Marines' Memorial Association and Foundation (San Francisco, CA)
The Hartford Club (Hartford, CT)
The University and Whist Club (Wilmington, DE)
University Club of Orlando (Orlando, FL)
The Pacific Club (temporarily suspended during COVID)(Honolulu, HI)
Union League Club of Chicago (Chicago, IL)
Columbia Club (Indianapolis, IN)
The Metropolitan Club (Covington, KY)
The JHU Club (Baltimore, MD)
University Club of Boston (Boston, MA)
The Lenox Club (Lenox, MA)
Cumberland Club (Portland, ME)
University Club Grand Rapids (Grand Rapids, MI)
Saint Louis Club (Saint Louis, MO)
Charlotte City Club (Charlotte, NC)
The One Hundred Club (Portsmouth, NH)
The Morristown Club (Morristown,  NJ)
The Prospectors Club, (Reno, NV)
University Club of Albany (Albany, NY)
Fort Orange Club (Albany, NY)
The Buffalo Club (Buffalo, NY)
The Mohawk Club (Schenectady, NY)
The Century Club (Syracuse, NY)
The Belvedere Club (Staten Island, NY)
The Fort Schuyler Club (Utica, NY)
The Athletic Club of Columbus (Columbus, OH)
The Toledo Club (Toledo, OH)
University Club of Portland (Portland, OR)
New Hope Historical Society (New Hope, PA)
Pyramid Club (Philadelphia, PA)
The Scranton Club (Scranton, PA)
The University Club Providence (Providence, RI)
Green Boundary Club (Aiken, SC
The Piedmont Club (Spartanburg, SC)
University Club of Memphis (Memphis, TN)
Nashville City Club (Nashville, TN)
Park City Club (Dallas, TX)
Alta Club (Salt Lake City, UT)
Norfolk Yacht and Country Club (Norfolk, VA)
The Arts Club of Washington (Washington, DC)
The Army and Navy Club (Washington, DC)
City Tavern Club (Washington, DC)
The National Press Club (Washington, DC)
The Madison Club (Madison, WI)
Wisconsin Club (Milwaukee, WI)
University Club of Saint Paul (Saint Paul,MN)


The University Club of Montreal (Montreal, QC)
The Albany Club (Toronto, ON)
The Arts and Letters Club of Toronto (Toronto, ON)
The National Club (Toronto, ON)
Terminal City Club (Vancouver, BC)


Saint James Club and Hotel (London, UK)
City University Club (London, UK)
Century Club (London, UK)


Stephen's Green Club (Dublin, Ireland)
Koninklijke Industrieele Groote Club (Amsterdam, Netherlands)
House 17 (Luxembourg)


Piyush Palace (Gujarat, India)
The Indus Club (Mumbai, India)
Gondwana Club (Nagpur, India)
The UMED Club, Jodhpur, India
Baguio Country Club (Baguio City, Philippines)