Community & Connection

The landmarked Montauk Club building provides a friendly atmosphere that has the feel of socializing in a Venetian palazzo. Our Club membership is diverse and welcoming. There are many scheduled Club activities and members also stop in to enjoy a glass of wine, a well-made drink, a meal, as well as pleasant, often spirited conversation in a beautiful relaxed setting. Our favorite rooms include the Venetian Lounge on the second floor, with its large bay of stained glass windows overlooking Plaza Street. The loggia and balcony with a Gothic quatrefoil screen decorated in terracotta ornament, are a wonderful place to dine for many months of the year. The intimate Card Room – also with its own balcony - is a great place to sit and chat, or to have a small private dinner.  The Club is open most days for daytime use. 

 The Club is steps away from several subway lines, so it's a convenient and civilized part of the lives of many members. Evening street parking is also usually available.

While for more than 130 years the Club has provided a steadfast oasis for its members, it has also kept up with the times. Club membership is diverse, with a wide range of ages and points of view - all of which can make for engaging conversation. These two-minute recordings from a recent event, Growing Up at the Montauk Club Audio, provided by StoryKeep, give you a taste of what the Club has meant to its members over the years.  

The Montauk Club has been home to many weddings and other memorable private events.  It hosts Thanksgiving dinners, Victorian Christmas celebrations, Passover celebrations for its members, to name a few.  Its annual dues are quite low compared to other clubs. There is no initiation fee. Besides the annual dues, there is a nominal, monthly minimum usage of $75; $40 for members under 35; and $15 for members over 70. These charges are incurred only when a member's Club usage in either the bar or dining room is less than the minimum.  Dining and bar bills are charged to member accounts. Cash is never exchanged and tipping is not permitted.  Out-of-town members enjoy lower rates. The Montauk Club staff is skilled and friendly and has been with the Club for many years.  They will get to know you quickly and make you feel at home.  Montauk Club members enjoy privileges at many Reciprocal Clubs around the world.

The Montauk Club has been called the "Club for the unclubable!"  What are you waiting for - fill out an application and come for a visit?