January 26, 2020

Wedding, Corporate & Other Private Parties



The Montauk Club is available for weddings and private events. To discuss pricing and availability please Email the Private Events Manager or call 718-638-0800. OR CLICK TO BOOK EVENT

Click here for Private Dining Price List -2018-2019 and information about Club rooms and other party information.

Current Dinner Menus can be found on the Dining Room page.

Private Dining: A Privilege of Membership
As a member of The Montauk Club, the rooms of your Club House are available to you for parties, meetings and other private events of all sizes.

During regular Club hours the second floor dining room is reserved for the use of the general membership.

There are several other rooms available for members’ use. Three rooms on the first floor are known as the Club Suite and two smaller adjoining rooms on the second floor are known as the Card Suite. More details about these rooms are provided below.

The Card Suite rooms are available, on a first come basis, during regular Club hours. The Club wait staff will be happy to serve drinks, snacks and meals to members and their guests in these rooms. One can also arrange for cheese or hors d’oeuvre platters (a day’s advance notice is encouraged).

Members wishing to reserve the entire Card Suite for private use during Club hours may do so with a modest Room Rental fee.

The Club Suite rooms are also available during Club hours but generally require additional wait staff and entail a Room Rental fee. However, the Fontana Room alone is available to members for impromptu gatherings and meetings without incurring a Room Rental fee.

Of course, the entire Club is available to members as a rental all day Saturday and after 3pm on Sunday.

Our Club is never more welcoming than when its members use it fully. Both management and staff look forward to working with our members to fulfill both general and private dining needs.