The Montauk Club atmosphere is like that of a cocktail party in a Venetian palazzo. The membership is diverse and friendly. Members stop in after work to decompress and enjoy a glass of wine or a well made drink, and a pleasant, often spirited conversation in a beautiful room. The club is steps away from the subway line, so it’s a convenient and civilized part of the daily schedule.

A 2 minute recording from a recent event Growing Up at the Montauk Club Audio provided by StoryKeep

We approve new applications every month. The mix of ages and the diversity of points of view make for engaging conversation. Many of the younger members take advantage of the age spectrum and the advice and mentoring opportunities it provides. Where else can you get unbiased, social, business, legal, and relationship advice from someone who isn’t a family member, office co-worker or close friend. One of the benefits of club life is its continuity. In an uncertain world, it’s comforting to know that one’s club is a steadfast oasis that continues even after nearly 130 years.

Our favorite rooms are the Venetian Lounge on the second floor with its large bay of stained glass windows overlooking Plaza Street – and its loggia and balcony with a Gothic quatrefoil screen decorated in terracotta ornament. Another favorite is the intimate Card Room – also with its own balcony.

Our annual dues are quite low relative to other clubs and we have no initiation fee. Besides the annual dues, there is a nominal, monthly minimum usage of $75; $40 for members under 35; and $15 for members over 70. And the member is only charged if their monthly usage in either the bar or dining room is less than the minimum. It’s standard in most clubs and serves to subsidize the bar and dining room – since we employ a full staff regardless of the number of members who may be using the club on any given night. As in most clubs members charge their usage to their account. Cash is never exchanged and tipping is not permitted – the staff salaries take this into account – and members receive a bill for their usage at the end of the month.

An application for Membership can be found here