February 21, 2019

Dining Room

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Week of February 20th




Cream of Asparagus Soup – 8

Caesar Salad

Crisp Romaine lettuce with semolina croutons & shaved parmesan – 8

Mixed Green Salad

Baby Field greens with sherry vinaigrette – 8

Endive Salad

Belgium endive with apple, candied walnut, bleu cheese & Dijon vinaigrette – 12

Crispy Fried Calamari

Served with lemon and spicy tomato sauce – 12

Chorizo & Cheese Stuffed Poblano Pepper

Stuffed pepper with ranchero sauce – 8

Mini Clay Pot

Baked Polenta with asparagus, wild mushrooms & goat cheese – 10


pinach Fettucine Primavera

Asparagus, wild mushrooms, grape tomatoes, wild mushrooms in a light basil sauce – 18

Pan Roasted Chicken

Poblano chili sauce, sweet potato & grilled zucchini  - 18

                           St. Louis Spare Ribs   ½/whole rack

Spaghetti Squash & Sweet Potato– 24/32

Grilled New York Sirloin

Dry aged black Angus with red wine herb sauce, vegetables & potatoes –28

Angel Hair & Shrimp

Capellini with shrimp in a lobster infused tomato sauce – 20

Shrimp & Salmon Cakes

Served with herb aioli, rice pilaf, & vegetables 28

Montauk Club Burger or Veggie Burger – 18


Apple Crumb Cake – 7

Chocolate Mud Cake – 8

Ice Cream Sandwich 5


(The Bar Menu is available Every Night)

Mini Vegetable Springrolls 10

Waffle Fries with Onion Dip 10

Fried Mac -n- Cheese Balls 6

Handcutt French Fries with Jalapeno Aioli 8

Cheese, Genoa Salami & Crackers 12

Bacon Cheese Burger 14

SUNDAY BRUNCH MENU (as of September 2018)

Omelet w/ Home Fries or Salad 18

Choose two fillings and 1 Cheese

(Peppers, onions, mushrooms, spinach, bacon, sausage,

tomato, swiss, chorizo, cheddar or fontina cheese) add $1 each

 Huevos Ranchero – Corn Tortillas, Fried Eggs, Black Beans, Cheddar, Italian Sausage & Ranchero Sauce 18

French Toast with Strawberries & NY Maple Syrup 16

Italian Sausage or Bacon & 2 Eggs – served w/ Home Fries or Salad 16

 Chicken & Mushroom Crepe with Home Fries & Salad 18

 Tuna Burger with Sriracha Aioli served with French Fries or Salad 18

Smoked Salmon Sandwich on a Brioche Roll with Arugula, Herb Aioli, Red Onion served with French Fries 20

 Smoked Salmon Scrambled with Goat Cheese & Asparagus 20

 Grilled Chicken Sandwich on a Semolina Roll with Fontina Cheese, Red Onion served with French Fries 18

 Cheddar Burger or Black Bean-Quinoa Burger served with French Fries or Salad 18

One Complimentary Glass $5 additional per glass for Champagne, Mimosa or Bloody Mary or Unlimited for $12

Note: The Menu at the Montauk Club changes on a weekly basis. From time to time the chef may get special ingredients and may make last-minute substitutions. Please call the manager’s office (718) 638-0800 for the absolute latest menu.