April 26, 2017


The Board of Directors suggests members and their guests dress appropriately. Business of smart casual attire is suggested. Smart casual attire includes slacks or un-torn jeans and collared shirts (or un-collared shirts with jackets or sweater) for men and equivalent dress for women. Smart casual attire generally does not include slippers, flip-flops, tank tops or t-shirts with logo and/or writing, shorts and/or ripped jeans.
House Rules

Reciprocal Members are asked to settle all accounts upon departure.

Reciprocal Members are asked not to tip employees or to send employees outside the Club House.

Pets are not permitted in any part of the Club House.

Cell phone conversations are restricted to the vestibules and staircases and are not permitted in the bar and dining areas.

Photography is not permitted in the Club House unless with express permission of those being photographed.

Smoking is permitted on the front balcony only. Smoking is not permitted anywhere inside the Clubhouse.