April 18, 2019

Italian Dinner Night – Friday, October 12th 6pm

Join in the festivities on Friday, October 12th (original Columbus Day).   There will be plenty of antipasti, wine and the songs of Italy sung by a tenor will fill our dining room.  The meal will be served as in the best restaurants of Little Italy – family style. This is an evening at the Club not to be missed.  Barspecials: Chianti $26 per bottle and Sambuca $4 per glass. Cost is $38 Adult and $15 Children 12 and under. (Plus Admin Fee & Tax) Italian Dinner Night is October 12th – Click here for menu


  1. Fred Alluso says:

    Greetings, We (my wife, son and I) are very interested in attending your Italian Dinner Night event. However we are not members and are wondering whether this event was open to non-members.

  2. mary_brennan says:

    We are delighted you are interested in our Italian Dinner, but it is an event that is only open to members. You can find information about membership on our website.

  3. Felix Ramirez says:

    I am a premier member of the Johns Hopkins club and would like to attend your Italian Dinner on Oct 12th. Would we be allowed to attend if we bring our referral letter from JHU?

  4. mary_brennan says:

    Mr. Ramirez,

    Sorry for the delay in responding, as a Reciprocal member from JHU you will be most welcome to attend our Italian Dinner. Could you please let us know how many will be in your party?

    Thank you and I look forward to meeting you on Friday.

    Leslie McKinley
    Asst Secretary

  5. Felix Ramirez says:

    Leslie – i sent an email confirmation to manager@montaulkclub.com.It will be 3 people.
    I’m looking forward to it

    Thank you

  6. mary_brennan says:

    Wonderful — look forward to sharing our club with you and your guests.

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