July 16, 2019

Spring Foraging Walk & Dandelion Wine in Prospect Park – Sunday, May 27th 2:30-5pm

The group will gather at 2:30pm for some tea before heading to the park at 3pm.  Rhett Godfrey, an edible plant expert, and experienced forager will guide us through Prospect Park in search of spring’s blooming native plants, including sassafras, mugwort, curly docks, dandelion, knotweeds, and wood sorrel. Learn about the medicinal, nutritional and historical uses of these unnoticed plants that are abundant throughout Prospect Park. Sassafras tea as well some other treats will be provided! We hear there might be some dandelion wine to wrap up the walk!

Cost is $30 per person and children under 14 are FREE, Please RSVP

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