January 26, 2020

TAROT AND THE ARCANE ARTS, Wednesday, October 18th, 7 pm

Member Douglas Defeis is hosting a third workshop on Tarot and the Arcane Arts. Come on in for Happy Hour and stay around for this event! There will be Charcuterie to nibble on while you learn.

The Meet-up will discuss:;
- Tarot Ritual -”Opening & Closing Readings”
- A discussion of the Esoteric traditions of The English School
- Exhibit – The Golden Ryder Tarot Deck
- A discussion of casting The Runes
Members are invited to ask the Readers for a quick Session! Rank beginners or just Curious folk heartily welcomed.
Interested in other Meet-ups on this topic? Doug invites you to to check the Meet-up page Click here to learn more about Tarot Meet-Ups


  1. Emil Delgado says:


    I have become aware of your club and curios about its history. Browsing the vents, I wanted to know if the Tarot gathering this Wednesday is open to non-members. Please let me know as I would like to attend. Cordially,


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