January 29, 2020

The Montauk Club

The Montauk Club is a private social club located at 25 Eighth Avenue in Brooklyn’s Park Slope neighborhood of New York City.

The Club was founded in 1889 and has remained a private club since its founding. The magnificent Club House was designed by the famed New York architect Francis H. Kimball, who was inspired by a palace on Venice’s Grand Canal.  The Club House was completed in 1891 and its Venetian gothic architecture, carved mahogany woodwork and beautiful stained glass windows remain its signature features.

Today, the Club is a vibrant part of its Park Slope, Brooklyn neighborhood. Members organize a variety of events year-round.  Recently the Club has hosted talks by local authors, jazz performances, prohibition era cocktail functions and Victorian era salon parties. Book and wine clubs are popular and the bar is always crowded for Thursday “Living Room” nights featuring live music at the piano.

In addition to Club events, the Club House is available to members for personal and business entertaining.

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