September 22, 2017

A Place to Play

The Montauk Club is a friendly place, open to both individuals and families.

A Place to Play A Place to Play

A Rich Heritage

Early members included Charles Pratt, Richard Schermerhorn, and Edwin C. Litchfield

A Rich Heritage A Rich Heritage

Award Winning Architecture

The magnificent Club House was designed by the famed New York architect Francis H. Kimball

Award Winning Architecture Award Winning Architecture

The Montauk Club

Located in Park Slope, a neighborhood in the heart of Brooklyn, NY.

The Montauk Club The Montauk Club

Are You Game?

Gather with friends and make new ones.

Are You Game? Are You Game?

At the Montauk


The Club will be open Thursday, September 21st at 5:30 pm.  


TAROT AND THE ARCANE ARTS, Wednesday, September 13th, 7 pm

Member Douglas Defeis is hosting a second workshop on Tarot and the Arcane Arts on September 13th at 7 pm.  Come on in for Happy Hour and stay around for this event!


BINGO! Wednesday, September 20th, 7:30 PM

Come and join us for the second installment of some Bingo FUN!  We’ll take you on a journey to remember the 90s where you can vie for a treasure trove of 90s swag.  Adding to the excitement will be trivia and the lively nostalgic sounds of tunes that used to get your groove on.  Bring [...]

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